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How can you benefit from White Swan Foundation?

This portal on mental health and wellbeing is White Swan Foundation’s first offering to you. This is a knowledge repository made available currently on the Internet. We hope this portal helps you gain knowledge on one or more aspects of mental health and wellbeing. This can help you take the right action. It is our endeavor to serve you the right knowledge so that you know what your next course of action should be.

Who is our audience?

Those who are either suffering from a mental health problem or are providing care to someone with a mental illness will benefit immensely by acquiring knowledge on both the problem and possible solutions. This portal is definitely for them. It aims to answer the scores of questions they have in their minds.

This portal has also been developed keeping in mind the general public, who may not be suffering from a mental health problem or providing care to someone who does. Without the right knowledge, we become the carriers and propagators of the numerous misbeliefs that are associated with mental health. We therefore unwittingly become the reason for the prevalence of social challenges such as stigma, exclusion and even violence against those who suffer from mental health problems. If we, the general public, acquire the right knowledge, we will be able to get the right perspective of the problems and appreciate the struggles of those who are suffer. This in turn will result in their social acceptance and provide them with a much-needed boost in self-confidence to fight ailments by reaching out for the right solutions.

The White Swan Foundation portal also offers information on mental wellbeing, which must be a priority healthcare area for all of us. By acquiring knowledge on mental wellbeing and utilizing the knowledge to our benefit, we can hope to improve the quality of our life and those around us.

Structure of the portal

The White Swan Foundation portal is broadly divided into two parts.

The first one, Understanding Mental Health, helps you understand mental health and its various facets. It touches upon the numerous psychosocial challenges, opportunities, trends, views and other aspects of mental health and wellbeing.

The second part Psychiatric Disorders helps you better understand the tens of disorders that have been identified by the science of psychiatry. You will be able to browse through this section to identify the disorder you want to know about and find all the relevant answers to your questions on that disorder. For simplicity, Overcoming Addiction and Preventing Suicide are culled out as separate sections from Disorders. You will find these two topics right on top of every page.

Each topic or disorder is addressed using various forms of content. You will find articles, interviews, real-life case studies and, in some instances, videos as well.

What can you do here?

Find knowledge

To begin with, this portal is a unique place for you to browse and seek knowledge on mental health.

The search function of the portal is one of its strongest features. If you know exactly what you are looking for, please enter your keywords in the search box on any page of the portal and browse through the search results that are provided to you.

Stay in touch

When we intend to acquire knowledge, it is never about one article, a book or an educational video. Instead, it is a sustained effort in which we look for information that nudges us towards the right direction of action. This is possible only by being constantly in touch with the knowledge repository to find something new every time you visit it. Make this portal a regular part of your knowledge-seeking exercise to keep yourself ahead of the challenges.

Share your story

We all connect best to a real-life experience well told. It is our endeavor to bring you more stories of hope, struggles and successes. We encourage you to share your stories with us so that many more people get inspired by your actions, decisions and success.

The Future of White Swan Foundation portal

In the near future, we will launch two features on this portal:


Your portal will soon offer you the resources page that will help you with crucial data on service providers in the field of mental health. The resources section will help you identify the mental health institutions closest to your place of stay. We are putting together this data for you.


Your portal will be available in multiple languages. Stay tuned to benefit from this.

Your portal has only taken its first step forward with the vision of keeping you informed of the latest on mental health in the most user friendly manner possible. We will continue to evolve and strengthen our knowledge offering, which will only be possible through constructive feedback, comments, views and support from you. Please keep writing to us with your suggestions and experiences on the portal so that we can enhance the quality of your experience here.