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Our Editorial Policy

Editorial policy of White Swan Foundation

White Swan Foundation is committed to offering you knowledge related to mental health and wellbeing that follows the highest standards of quality and accountability.

We would like to share with you the salient features of our editorial policy, which keeps in mind the sensitivity of our numerous stakeholders, including the readers/viewers of our knowledge repository, and their needs.

Principles of our Editorial Policy

White Swan Foundation will respect the trust our readers/viewers repose in our knowledge repository. It is our responsibility to uphold this trust, which, in turn, leads to sensitive actions, by strictly following the editorial policy laid out for the staff and partners of White Swan Foundation.


  • Quality: Across all the languages that we will offer our knowledge repositories in, White Swan Foundation staff will always strive towards ensuring that the quality of our language and communication is world class. It will always be our endeavor to provide you knowledge that is free of errors. Robust internal checks and balances will be in place to ensure the same.

  • Correct information: Go the extra mile to ensure the correctness of each piece of information provided on our knowledge repository. Before being published on our knowledge repositories, our content will be scrutinized by subject matter experts.

  • Integrity: Maintain the highest standards of integrity while collecting information, creating and publishing the content and reaching out to the public with the messages

  • Unbiased: Ensure that editorial decisions are based on facts and value that can be delivered to the target audience and not influenced by the interests of a particular community, school of thought or beneficiary

  • Empathy: While carrying out their duties, the staff of White Swan Foundation will demonstrate high quality of empathy to the

    • identity, dignity and honor of those whose valuable inputs are sourced for the knowledge our staff puts together. We will follow the established processes to ensure that under no circumstances the identity, respect and dignity of any person is ever compromised

    • right to privacy of the person who is quoted, referred to or whose life is detailed in our content as case studies. We will ensure that each such participant is well explained about our intent and the process involved in collecting information before seek his/her written consent to participate.

    • Information needs, concerns and sensitivities of the public, particularly those who are fighting the problems of mental health issues and their caregivers

    • expertise of the numerous practitioners of mental healthcare with whom we will establish relationships in order to collate information. We shall respect their in-depth knowledge and rich experiences in the field, while seeking their advice for our content.

  • Transparency: White Swan Foundation will be transparent about the methodology and process of gathering information, collating data and creating content. The publication of our editorial policy is the first step towards this direction.

  • Copyright: White Swan Foundation staff will unconditionally honor the ownership of the information and/or content that he/she comes across as valuable for the content he/she is producing/publishing. Under no circumstances will we violate the copyright of any piece of content. We shall seek prior permission of the owner of the content before making it a part of our content/knowledge repository.

  • Promotion: White Swan Foundation, under no circumstances, will support or promote a product/idea/concept/practitioner or a school of thought. We will present all possible knowledge on mental health and its varied ecosystems to our readers/viewers, without any bias for or against any existing products or schools of thought. It will be the discretion of our readers/viewers to make the right choice from the scores of options we shall make available to them on our knowledge repositories


  • The English version of our knowledge repository will follow the American English format

  • Our attempt is to use simple language that is easily understood by the common man

  • While maintaining factual accuracy, it will be our endeavor to minimize the use of scientific terms and definitions in our content

  • The words ‘problems’, ‘illnesses’ and ‘disorders’ are interchangeably used

On White Swan Foundation content

  • All the content created by White Swan Foundation and made available on our knowledge repositories, unless otherwise stated, are copyrighted to White Swan Foundation for Mental Health.

  • However, for the benefit of the public, these content can be freely published on other media, by seeking prior permission. Please write to us at connect@whiteswanfoundation.org with your request.

About the Policy

  • The Editorial Policy of White Swan Foundation will regularly be reviewed to enhance the experience of our readers/viewers during their visit to our knowledge repository.

  • You, our readers/viewers, are our eyes and ears. Help us continuously sharpen the information made available on our portal or any other media. Reach out to us if you find errors or omissions. We look forward to your suggestions in offering you the most valuable piece of information on mental health so that you take an informed decision.

  • This version of the Editorial Policy was published on March 23, 2015.