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New motherhood: What is the role of the spouse and family in the wellbeing of the mother?

Receiving support from partner and family can help the mother cope with the challenges of motherhood

Support from the father can help the mother cope with the changes in her body and her life after the birth of the baby. When the new mother is able to get the father’s support, she feels less overwhelmed and better able to tackle her responsibilities.

What the father can do:

  • Be present during the birthing and any other medical care
  • Be emotionally supportive
  • Not all new mothers bond with their babies immediately after birth.  Fathers can initiate the bonding process with the baby, and motivate the mother to slowly bond with the baby
  • Help the mother soothe the baby
  • Ensure that she is stress free and well rested, so she can feed the baby
  • Plan the immunization of the baby
  • Help her negotiate stresses caused by socio-cultural barriers.
  • Ensure that there is a gap between pregnancies, so the mother can recuperate physically and emotionally. Discuss with the gynecologist regarding contraception plans.

What is the family's role in wellbeing?

After the birth of the baby, the mother may feel overwhelmed and need extra support. Some mothers may also have mental health issues during this stage. Here’s how the family can help:

  • Support the new family that is being formed without being intrusive
  • Respect any cultural differences you may have with the new unit
  • Allow the mother enough rest and space, so she can bond and feed her baby