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  • "My mother had no stigma about mental illness," Subroto Bagchi, Chairman, White Swan Foundation

  • "How my story changed for the better," Amit Paul, Technology consultant

Give for Mental Health campaign

Our annual campaign to stop the stigma around mental health. Donate to the cause of mental health awareness by amplifying the possibilities of knowledge.

Frequently asked questions on donation

How will your donation be used?
White Swan Foundation’s core work is to develop a knowledge pool that is credible, inclusive and accessible. We have a structured process that ensures that we deliver the most relevant piece of information in the most valuable manner to our audiences. To know the extensive process of developing content, please click here. Each piece that we publish and release to our audience/readers comes after weeks of ideation, discussions, production and quality checks.

The donations that you make to White Swan Foundation will go towards developing these knowledge pieces. Your support will also help us build and strengthen our dissemination platforms. White Swan Foundation has several platforms through which our content is disseminated. These include the portal, newsletter, video conferences, ebooks, online and offline campaigns.

From providing better search functionalities on the portal to a more intuitive design and structure, there’s a lot we could do by adopting emerging technologies. Your money will also help us strengthen our technological capabilities.

Your donation will also help us print our content so that a great number of people, who do not have access to the Internet, can benefit from it.

Who can contribute?
Anyone can contribute to the Give for Mental Health campaign. You could be an individual, team or an organization. You could be residing in India or any other part of the world. If you love our work and the impact it is creating in the mental healthcare space, we encourage you to show your support to us by participating in this campaign. We also urge you to share your views with your friends and others so that they too get a chance to participate in the Give for Mental Health campaign.

Will I get a tax benefit?
Donation to White Swan Foundation will come under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Donors can avail appropriate benefits through their donation to White Swan Foundation.